Lisa Renn and Family Diet Proof Your Kids

Lisa Renn is a dietitian, author, senior media spokesperson and mother of two, she believes if parents can teach their kids a healthy relationship with food this is a major step in the right direction toward tackling our current obesity crisis.


Kids will talk  to each other and listen to their parents and pick up what is” normal” in regard to eating and body image. At the moment this is dieting. 


Dieting is a predictor of future weight gain and a risk factor for eating disorders- no one associates a strict diet with fun and freedom and many people are unhappy with how they use food and about their body.


Lisa wishes a new non-dieting approach to healthy eating to be the norm in households so the peer group has less access to the unhelpful diet thinking that prevails currently.


If kids are learning a healthy relationship with food and their body at home they will be less susceptible to the media and the diet industry promoting body dissatisfaction and promising quick fixes.



Learning a different relationship with food creates a freedom that removes the emotion from eating and if you are a parent this is vital to being a good role model. By transforming parent’s lifestyles, Lisa hopes to provide a diet free future for our kids.


Lisa Renn is an Accredited Practising dietitian with over 15 years’ experience helping people to understand complex nutrition issues and making health happen; she has been a spokesperson for the Dietitian’s Association of Australia since 2008 and presented on ‘A Current Affair’, ‘Nine news’ as well as radio and has articles and comments in much of the print media. 


Lisa is known for her dynamic and articulate presentations. Her ability to use her expertise in nutrition and her innovative approaches to motivation and accountability leave audiences entertained and ready to take action for their own health without dieting.