Book Summary

‘Diet Proof your Kids’ is a must read for parents, particularly those who struggle with diets and poor body image. Every day your children are watching and learning from you, this is not only about manners and responsibilities but also around how you eat, what you use food for and how you feel about your body.


It can be as simple as giving your child a biscuit when they are crying or asking, ‘Does my bum look big in this?’


As a dietitian I know there are many people who feel unhappy about their body, they use food when they are emotional and they struggle to maintain a healthy weight which leads to further distress and anxiety around food and eating. There are not many parents who would want to sign their kids up for this kind of unhappiness however it’s what you may be doing every day without realising.


‘Diet Proof your Kids’ shows you the harmful things you could be doing every day that will set your kids up for a life time struggle with food, their weight and their body and most importantly it presents more helpful strategies to try. 


Not only this, it helps you, the parent, to think differently about food and how to start to eat well and get healthier without the usual struggles and hang-ups of dieting. This leads to you being happier within yourself and creates a much healthier role model for your kids.