What's In the Book

Why dieting doesn’t work and what does: Restrictive eating and crazy diets seem to be the only option when people look to lose weight or be healthy and yet scientific evidence and your own life experience shows diets don’t work.

What is your attitude to food as a parent and how does this affect your children? Kids learn from their parents – is your attitude to food the most helpful to your child?

How to learn from your own mistakes and teach your child and yourself resilience and a ‘get better’ attitude: when perfection is the goal, tears can be the only outcome. Why do you accept less than perfect in most areas of your life however expect it around your food choices, your body and eating?

How to fit health into a busy lifestyle: The idea that you are too busy to look after your health is one that holds a lot of people back. However what message does this send your kids, “Health is not as important as vacuuming”?

Why body image is so important and how you can help your child have better self-esteem around their body.  Teaching your child to concentrate more on what their body can do rather than what it looks like will be the best way to encourage a lifetime of physical activity.

Some Olympic athletes share their experience of how they felt about their own bodies despite their obvious sporting success. Although very focussed on function athletes are not immune to the comments of the media and the desire to conform to the ‘ideal’ body type.

The key missing factors to successfully implementing a healthy lifestyle: When an adult becomes a parent the focus on self-care diminishes, sometimes to non-existence. In order to lead a healthy lifestyle you need to prioritise yourself and the time it takes or else you will find your healthy lifestyle efforts are always just stop start affairs.

The unhelpful things parents do every day to mess up their kids chances of becoming healthy eaters. From the big things like constant dieting and negative body talk to the little things like giving your child a lolly to keep them quiet, the things parents do each day can have a big impact on how their children grow up thinking about food.

How to help your child if they are overweight. It’s like walking on a knife edge knowing how best to support your child without adding to the hang-ups they already have around their body and food.