Are you too busy to eat well?

Our lives are so hectic already, then we add on kids sporting and other commitments and the timetable gets frantic. It’s at these times healthy eating can get forgotten as take away becomes the easier choice. Teaching children that healthy eating is an integral part of life, not one that happens only when you have time, is an important life lesson.

The good news is the meals you prepare on the busy days don’t have to be master chef worthy-if you have no time then plan to put together a really quick meal like BBQ chicken and salad – if it has meat (or vegetable protein) and some vegetables/salad it’s perfect. The important part is the planning which has to happen before you race out the door or before you go to the supermarket.

If you are able to plan out your meals for the week giving consideration to the amount of other things you have on this will help you to eat well AND be busy. Planning to eat well is most effective when it’s a habit not something you do when you have time. The great thing is that when you have your meals under control it makes you feel more in control. Remember, just keep it simple!

Lisa Renn, Accredited Practising Dietitian



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