Do you need to quit sugar?

Although sugar is a non-nutritive source of energy, which means when you eat sugar it does not contribute any useful nutrients to your body only kilojoules (calories) it really isn’t necessary to try and cut out all sources of sugar from your diet. Should you cut back on soft drink and lollies? Absolutely, however if you like to have a little bit of sugar or honey on your porridge that’s okay. Can I eat a sweet biscuit every day? That won’t be helpful either but you can have your favourite dessert once per month and eat a higher fibre grainy dry biscuit every day.

If you try to think about the nutrition your food is giving you as the number one priority you will naturally decrease the sugar in your diet. The only thing you get by being obsessive about avoiding sugary foods is cravings.

Lisa Renn,  Accredited Practising Dietitian



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