Getting the afternoon snack right for your kids

When the kids get home from school it’s a time they are likely to be really hungry. It’s important to make sure the afternoon tea snack provides some protein to deal with the hunger and some carbohydrate to provide ongoing energy for after school activities.

The trap that might occur here is they are so hungry they eat too much or the snacking continues over a long period of time and  they are not hungry for dinner. This is obviously not helpful and can eventually impact body weight. The balance between satisfying hunger and over eating is important and may require some boundaries being set- the aim is to remove hunger but be feeling hungry again for dinner time.

Some good after school snack ideas include:

  • Glass of milk (flavoured is okay) ,tub of yoghurt, custard or smoothie
  • Plus- either piece of fruit, or dry biscuits with topping (cheese, dip, tomato, avocado, peanut butter), half to one sandwich depending on age of child and how active they are, pikelets, popcorn or occasionally a sweet treat.

Lisa Renn  Accredited Practising Dietitian



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