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Creating Diet Proof Kids- a program to build positive body image and decrease image related anxiety

Student Program

Are you seeing an increasing focus on the importance of appearance in kids?

Is food restriction or dieting being talked about or undertaken?

Are you unsure  how to tackle increasing anxiety around the important topic of body image?

Do you have students who opt out of swimming or other sport?

This program aims to provide knowledge and skills to students that will enable the development and maintenance of a healthy body image as well as equip participants with critical thinking and empathy skills that will help them better deal with the challenges of a world where appearance is increasingly valued. The desired end result being children who have greater body acceptance and a healthy relationship with food and an ability to navigate social media and life using critical thinking and empathy.


Student Sessions

The program sessions are run by Lisa and content includes: Understanding body image, appreciating body functionality, teaching critical thinking skills around the diet, weight loss and advertising industries, learning to navigate social media with self-confidence intact and confidence in healthy eating instead of diets.

The research is scary and can’t be ignored. In a recent study, 34% of 5-year-old girls showed a moderate level of dietary restraint, while half showed internalisation of the thin ideal. Sociocultural factors, including media exposure and peer conversations, were stronger predictors of dietary restraint than individual factors (Damiano et al., 2015).



“Social media is affecting the wellbeing of Australian teens. Almost two in three reported feeling pressure to look good on social media. Three in five agreed that they felt validated when others ‘liked’ or ‘retweeted’ their posts. Close to half felt bad about themselves if no one responded in this way to their posts.”

Digital Me Survey of Australian Adults and Adolescents

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