Today, more than ever children have an ever-increasing number of influences that determine how they perceive their bodies and what they should be doing about that. The current trend toward dieting to address issues of overweight and poor body image is unhelpful and at times dangerous for young people and adults alike.

PARENT Session

The aim of these sessions is to ensure parents know how to help their children develop and maintain a healthy body image and to understand how parental attitudes and actions around food impact their children.

Nearly 40 percent of parents regularly recommend dieting to their children. Frequently, parental recommendations come from a place of concern. Unfortunately, these good intentions and recommendations to diet are not associated with improved health outcomes, and can even have the opposite effect. High frequency dieting and early onset of dieting are associated with poorer physical and mental health, more disordered eating, extreme body dissatisfaction, and more frequent general health problems (Tucci et al., 2007).

If you are concerned about your child’s weight and would like some help to manage this in the best way download your copy of an eBook here.

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