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Diet Proof Your Kids


Diets seem to be the fall-back position for people who want to do something about their weight so parents naturally help their children by restricting their intake.

However, what we know is that dieting is a predictor of future weight gain and is also one of the biggest risk factors for developing an eating disorder. Putting your kids on a diet is signing them up for a lifetime of guilt, frustration and possibly worse.

However, it’s not just diets, everyday children are watching their parents; learning manners and responsibilities but also about how you eat, what you use food for and how you feel about your body. Problems can start as easily as simply giving your child a biscuit for comfort when they are crying or asking, ‘Does my bum look big in this?’


Readers will:

  • Develop knowledge of how their actions as a parent matter when it comes to teaching their kids how to be healthy.
  • Learn to develop a better relationship with food and a healthy lifestyle for themselves and be able to pass on a healthy, helpful understanding about food and eating.
  • Be able to raise healthy kids that can discern what is truth and what is too good to be true
  • Learn the importance of helping their children develop good body image and what factors can contribute to poor body image.
  • Learn how to teach children to eat well and create adults that are able to maintain a healthy weight and a good relationship with food.
  • Decrease anxiety around food and eating for themselves and their children
  • Understand how fragile body image is and even if the child is very talented this is not a given they will automatically develop good body image.

Endorsements for Diet Proof Your Kids

Dr Rosemary Stanton OAM Leading Australian Nutritionist and Author

“Lots of wisdom in this book. Wise words about the futility of dieting and the mess it does to your mind and body. More wisdom about the need for realistic expectations at all ages plus some brilliant ways to deal positively with problems related to food and eating. I heartily recommend this book.”

Melanie Roche is a softball player from Australia, who participated in 4 Olympic Games, winning 4 Olympic Medals which is an Australian Olympic Record.

“I love the idea behind the book. Such a wise approach to family life, self-worth and food!”

Dr Helen O’Connor, Accredited Practising Dietitian and Sports Dietitian, Senior Lecturer in Nutrition, University of Sydney.

“This is a fantastic book to guide parents on how to help their children as well as themselves, develop a healthy and positive relationship with food. So much of what our children see and hear through the media today erodes healthy body image and perpetuates negative relationships with food. This book provides sound advice to encouraged lifelong eating habits which are not only healthy but also enjoyable and sustainable. ”

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