Teacher session

Is teacher well-being a priority?

Are you interested in combining teacher well-being strategies as well as ensuring up to date nutrition knowledge is passed on to kids?

Teacher Session

Educator professional development opportunities can include one or both of the following topics and can be used as stand-alone presentations or part of the larger student program.


Reinforce healthy eating and self-care principles for teacher health and wellbeing

Healthy eating is clearly linked with mental and physical health. With increased teacher stress and expectations, it’s vital to ensure your most important assets are looking after themselves.


Decreasing anxiety in children can be helped by normalising their feelings of insecurity and fear of failure. Anxiety can be about body image, class work, friendship or other sources and too much can hinder kids learning and development opportunities. Teachers are in a unique position of trust to use their own experiences to assist kids to understand that humanity as a whole has insecurities. The skill is to do this and keep your authority intact. The aim of this session is to introduce the concept of teachers using vulnerability in the class room, to enhance learning and decrease anxiety in kids.

This session supports the student program and introduces a strategy to help develop a growth mindset in kids. 

The ‘Creating Courageous Kids’ whitepaper discusses the development of growth mindsets.

“Social media is affecting the wellbeing of Australian teens. Almost two in three reported feeling pressure to look good on social media. Three in five agreed that they felt validated when others ‘liked’ or ‘retweeted’ their posts. Close to half felt bad about themselves if no one responded in this way to their posts.”

Digital Me Survey of Australian Adults and Adolescents

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